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VIP Terminal Services


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       Cameroon Global Handling pledges to provide the best quality services to our valuable customers in the General Aviation Terminals where services are provided for the private business jets and the air taxi companies.

  • VIP lounge

  • VIP service vehicles for easy and comfortable transportation of the passengers and the crew within the terminal – aircraft – terminal route

  • Ramp services vehicles in order to provide all kinds of services for the aircraft

  • Passenger service staff ready to provide the passage of the passengers and the crew through the terminal in the fastest and the easiest way

  • Load control and flight operations staff ready to ensure that the aircrafts receive safe and secure services within the predefined timelines, and that the necessary communication and coordination with the aviation company and the flight operation staff is established and available 24Hrs/7days.

Need Our Assistance? Give Us a Call Now!

       You want the most economical and practical solutions for your fuel needs, we can meet this need in three different airports in Cameroon (Yaoundé,Douala and Garoua). As TOTAL CAMEROON's commercial partner for fuel services, we provide the highest standards for local fuel management.

You benefit from the price advantages achieved through economies of scale when purchasing large volumes of fuel, and you can count on quick answers to questions about availability and fuel prices at our points of service.

Why choose CGH power solutions?

  • Fast and reliable Jet A-1 fuel supply

  • Centralized purchase of fuel with direct contact with suppliers

  • Large-scale fuel offerings put downward pressure on costs

  • Local credit facility allowing you to be billed after your flight

  • Priority in the fuel shortage scenario

  • Monitoring supplier performance

  • Fuel quality control measures

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