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Passenger & Crew Services

      CGH can take care of...


Airport Meet & Assist

  • Passenger and Crew visa arrangement

  • Dedicated one-to-one escort from arrivals

  • Expedited check-in, passport and customs control for incoming passengers or crew members

  • Incoming passenger guidance to baggage claim areas and terminal exit, 

  •  Lost, damaged and transfer baggage processes of incoming  passengers (if any),

  •  Porter services, loading/unloading and carrying of luggage.

  •  Outgoing passenger acceptance for flight and baggage processes

  •  Safe acceptance of outgoing passengers to the aircraft

  •  Security arrangements

  •  FPL filing

  •  Provision of transportation for crew and passengers

  •  Hotel accommodation for crew and passengers

  •  Wheelchair service​



Qualified Assistance

  • Incoming and outgoing VIP, unaccompanied children and special care passenger services,

  • Specially trained personnel for disabled passengers

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